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- ARKMANN Plastic Downspout Nozzle - 
All PVC body with Polyurethane flange

Avaliable Size(s)      List Price*                     
  PDN-2      2"             $33.00
  PDN-3      3"             $42.00           
  PDN-4      4"             $56.00
  PDN-6      6"             $157.00
  PDN-8      8"             $210.00

       *Plus Shipping and Handling

Solvent weld hub inlet or threaded hub 2"- 8." 
Larger sizes avaliable.
Enamel finish; Primer Gray, Primer Black, Primer White.
Custom Colors available: (Bronze Metallic, Anodized Bronze, Dark Bronze or color by customer request)


Please contact us for job/ high quantity pricing

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